hip hop and language workshop

Workshop on Hip Hop and Language- Reflection


Rap does not get the respect it deserves, many people are quick to judge before putting an effort to understand it. I really enjoyed learning about hip hop influencing us in different ways, we don’t have to embrace it to make a better sense of it. The class was divided in half have with different thoughts of the new era of hip hop. Many classmates believe most of the new songs have no meaning, after listening to the Nipsey Hussle clip I realized a lot of these songs are very empowering and captivating. We learned that Hip Hop is an art form full of emotions. Other artists in different genres speak about similar cases like addiction, sex, etc but get no backlash from society. Like Shakespeare Rap is tough to understand so many people won’t try to read or listen again. Rap is relevant to its culture. There are differences people have when speaking, many have insecurities to speak their truth but we should always remember that there is nothing wrong with our language and should always express ourselves. Learning to adjust to things we are not related to can be difficult but we have to start now.