Our Jackson Heights Storytelling Project

Jackson Heights is a neighborhood in Queens, known because of its cultural and ethnic diversity. For this reason, Jackson Heights is also linguistically diverse. There are many languages spoken there! We wanted to explore this community and learn more about its people, language(s), cultures, and histories. In order to get a closer look, we interviewed several people from this area about their linguistic and cultural background, their personal experience living and/or working in Jackson Heights, and their linguistic practices in their daily life. Listen to the podcasts we have created here: Oral Histories from Jackson Heights

Along with these oral histories, with the linguistic landscape art from the neighborhood we want to illustrate the visibility and salience of the linguistic diversity in this public sphere. With our artwork we want to represent the multiple cultures and ethnicities that live together in the neighborhood, there are so much culture and diversity that comes together! We believe that Jackson Heights is an attractive sight for ethnographic research on culture and linguistic landscapes.