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  1. My visit to Jackson heights was interesting . The over head train and the language differences with most of the people I spoke to was the biggest challenges. I also came across people not wanting to speak with me or sign the slip like they was signing to give there life away. I had to make a connection with the people who actually spoke to me. I can’t change the weather but that would be the thing I wish I could change the most. Sunny weather make people happy and friendly.

  2. My visit to Jackson Heights was surprising and also interesting. We decided to go library for interviewing people. we had to wait for couple of minutes because the library was closed at this moment. LIbrary was opened at 12:00 pm and we got into it for interviewing people, but unfortunately we did’t get permission! After that we wanted to go groceries and other stores but we didn’t because we thought they would not give us the permission. So we ask people in streets and finally we got five people to interview. I enjoyed the little rain on that day.

  3. My visit to Jackson Heights was very interesting to say in the least. I was actually surprised to see the diversity in the neighborhood and to see how every 4-5 blocks felt like we were entering a different part of the world. While being amazed by the different cultures mixed in the area, it was difficult to get people to speak up about their experiences in Jackson Heights. My group was found wandering in and around various parts of Jackson Heights before we can get anybody to open up to us, we found ourselves gearing towards the younger people in the neighborhood who seem to be more open to discuss the cultural and economic differences in Jackson Heights. Through this trip ive learned a lot about this area in Queens, but one thing I definitely would do differently on this trip is just to talk to the individual that I am interviewing as opposed to asking a bunch of questions. I believe creating an open environment where someone can just freely speak and pour a portion of their life experiences into an interview would be more beneficial.

  4. I wouldn’t say “my visit” since I live there and spent my time there like everyday, but I would say that every time I walk around this neighborhood I just feel like surrounded by many cultures and story’s behind people. Being able to live in this area makes me really happy and mostly because I get to be close to my best friends and the Chinese food. I just love that diversity is part of my daily life.

    1. That’s awesome… It really is so much diversity I loved it. It’s cool to be around so many p people. I wonder for your interviews hope was it? Was it difficult to get the people around you to talk or not so much.

    2. That’s awesome… It really is so much diversity I loved it. It’s cool to be around so many p people. I wonder for your interviews hope was it? Was it difficult to get the people around you to talk or not so much.

  5. My visit to Jackson Heights was kind of fun. The moment I got out the train station I heard some familiar music from my childhood and got excited. When my group got together we began scoping the area looking for potential spots. Definitely fearing rejection and not wanting to disturb busy people. We popped into a Mexican restaurant called Pico de Gallo, they didn’t look busy so we thought we’d give it a try. Unfortunately no luck. After we stuffed our faces we went back out and got lucky with a Columbian bakery. The woman was Columbian herself and had been in the area for 30 something years so she was perfect for describing Jackson Heights. I wouldn’t mind visiting again, just not to question strangers lol.

  6. Visiting Jackson Heights was nice and fun. Especially the pastry I had from Hispanic pastry was really delicious. The place gave out very lively vibe and from the various store name, we were able to see many different languages and culture.

  7. My experience going to Jackson Heights was a very good one. At first we were a little scared asking people to do an interview since it was the middle of the day and everyone was either trying to go somewhere or working. We were lucky that we found this Colombian lady at a small bakery that agreed to do the interview with us. She was a bit skeptical at first especially after we took out the consent forms to sign. She almost didn’t want to do it but she read the consent form and felt more comfortable with us. I didn’t expect to learn so much by interviewing someone. Never saw that kind of perspective that she went on to talk about in our interview. Also the area there is very vibrant and diverse.

  8. My experience in going to Jackson Heights was a great experience. My partners and I didn’t know where to start, and after getting rejected a few times and being hesitant on approaching people, we got a total of 3 interviews which were all interesting. We met two Colombians and a Mexican lady who migrated to the US to find better opportunities for themselves. One of the ladies we interviewed didn’t give enough information on her experience and the neighborhood in Jackson Heights, but thankfully we have two others that we can utilize.

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