Linguistic Lansdcape at LaGuardia

  • “Spreading Language to non-English speaking students” by Arlene Torrenegra
  •  “Communication with hands” by Songhui Lee
  • No words, but communication” by Maria Ramos
  • “Need help with cleaning, please call us” by Minhazur Choudhury
  • “FADE to Nothing” by Gary Debrosse
  • “Pero Like Why?” by Agustin Valente
  • “Multilingualism brings us together” by Cristal Williams
  • “Unidos por diferencia” by Karina Hernandez
  • “WHERE” by Vaniqua Hudson
  •  “(Language, religion, diversity all intersecting)” by Jermaine Williams
  • “Difference in Language” by Nicholas Padilla
  • “The Pressure to Succeed” by Daisy Codallos-Silva
  • “Hallway of Fame” by Malique Mitchell
  • “En Español por favor?” by Christopher Diaz