Meet Asilia

Asilia PictureAsilia Franklin-Phipps is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at the Graduate Center (CUNY).  Originally from Los Angeles (California), she came to NYC for her M.A. in Teachers College. She has lived 7 years in Oregon where she completed her Ph.D. in Critical Sociocultural Studies in Education at the University of Oregon. Her dissertation explored how arts practices and aesthetic experiences happen in relation to shifting racial discourse, political events, and digital culture, allowing future teachers to differently encounter race.


How I got this education that I really wasn’t supposed to have” – Asilia tells us a little bit more about her family. She explaines where she comes from and her family educational and linguistic background.

English is not the official language in the U.S. how come so many people think that!” – Linguistics practices, linguistics ideologies and pedagogical considerations