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Daisy is a Liberal arts social science and humanities major who is bilingual, but due to societal pressures she isn’t as confident in her ability to speak Spanish. In our discussion we address how the systemic erasure of language affects her.

The linguistic experience of native New Yorker Christopher Diaz who returned home.

Growing up speaking two languages can be very difficult. There’s so much that comes with language and understanding it. Shanté interviewed Cristal who grew up in a spanish speaking household and learned English how to balance both.

 Peter speaks about how growing up and learning another language helps you with jobs and socializing with other people while also being mistaken for speaking another language than the one you speak.

MaliqueMalique Mitchell is a liberal arts social science and humanities major with a heart of gold. His lack of a second language makes him feel alone, but he find solace in his views and values of his Caribbean heritage.

Arushi  is a wanderlust woman who’s been in the United States since she was twelve years old. She has traveled more than twenty countries. She’s been working for HSBC bank.   

How learning new language impact people’s life? Jermaine says that learning new language make him unique and give more job opportunity. Also, that is part of his life because his around people are variety. 

Songhui Lee’s Linguistic Background and her adversity overcoming speaking in public, challenging herself to understand and articulate the English language. Moving from Korea to New York City the most Diverse city on earth.

Akhda Ora learned to understand Hindi and Urdu languages through movies. She is very passionate about languages because she knows that it is important for the future.

Meet 19 year old LaGuardia community college Arlene and her experience with a “hidden language.”

This interview is about Nicholas linguistic background. In this interview he explains his culture and use of language and different way of pronouncing Spanish words.

This is an Introduction of TJ Rana telling us a little background of how he learned English and why he wanted to learn English, including a future goal of his

Joshua: “Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, it is the most common language in the world. The importance of English enables you to communicate with your fellow global citizens.”