Requeriments & Evaluation

My Teaching & Learning believes: Due to the nature of this class, pedagogically, I value process over product, but I also want to know what you value. To that end, as we move through the work of this class, we will discuss our collective goals and expectations. Throughout the semester, you will also receive regular feedback on your work from both me and your working groups.
Readings: Each week 2-3 students (depending on the reading) will be in charge of guiding the discussion/debate of the reading. Each student must complete the reading (preparedness/homework) assigned for that day, but the selected students will annotate the reading using and prepare, come up with some questions (procovations) to discuss in class on that  day (annotations are due the night before class).

Students must be in charge of a reading at least twice during the semester.

(Note that there are no readings assigned by the end of the semester, this is an opportunity for you to be active participant regarding the content of this class)

Homework/Assignments: Homework/ Assignments will be announced during class ad will be posted on the Commons site. They are designed to review, reflect on and practices material we cover in class. You can work with your classmates, collaboration is encouraged, but make sure to acknowledge your classmates work.
Reflective Essays (4): These assignments are an opportunity to think and reflect upon your personal learning experience in a critical and detailed way. I envision this type of essays as opportunities to help you integrate the readings, concepts and ideas we are discussing in and outside class in your thinking about your practice. For each essay, we will work on a series of questions that can help you guide your thinking and writing process.

Project: More detailed information here

Grading Breakdown:
Attendance & Participation: 15%
Daily/weekly Homework & Assignments: 15%
Reflection papers (4- 5% each): 20%
– Part #1 (LaGuardia Community): 20%
– Part #2 ( Jackson Heights’ Community) 20%
Presentation at the James Gallery: 10%

*** You have 3 Grace Days for the semester. You may choose to use all three days at once, divide them as needed, or not use them at all. Simply send me an email to let me know if you wish to use them ***