Questions about our digital/visual storytelling

Yesterday workshop was great! Thanks again Ryan for coming all the way to LaGuardia, we had a lot of fun!

I am sure that once you start working with yours apps, you will have some questions. Feel free to ask, share, comment here in this post so not just Ryan and I can assist you, but also your classmates. Some of you will have the same questions and here we are going to be able to help each other.

I cannot wait to see what you create!

Linguistic Landscape (Inés)

a) These pictures were taken at the Salt Lake International airport (Utah) last fall.

b) The signs on the top use Spanish and English, while the other uses English and Mandarin Chinese (I think, I am not sure)

c) We can know what the signs say because there is a translation in English, but why do they pick the Spanish language for the hygiene sign in the bathroom and Chinese? for the human trafficking one?