Linguistic landscape (Gary)

I took this photo at my job, which is a school located in Brooklyn New York. within this school, there’s a large range of students who come from various backgrounds. With this sign being translated into different languages, it was created to send the importance to the students and their parents that the importance of healthy eating the actions that the school is willing to take and ensure the kids are properly fed by giving free lunches.

Linguistic Landscape (Inés)

a) These pictures were taken at the Salt Lake International airport (Utah) last fall.

b) The signs on the top use Spanish and English, while the other uses English and Mandarin Chinese (I think, I am not sure)

c) We can know what the signs say because there is a translation in English, but why do they pick the Spanish language for the hygiene sign in the bathroom and Chinese? for the human trafficking one?

Vaniqua Linguistic Landscape

a) where was the picture taken? b) what language(s) are used? c) what do the signs say? (***Remember to categorize your post as “Linguistic Landscape”***)

A)  This picture was taken outside of my daughters public school at dismissal.

B) I love my daughters school because it is so diverse.  The parents and children are from all over the world, speaking Korean ,Spanish,Greek, greman, Bangla,and English.

C)  There are just street lights, walk signs and school zone sighns and markings In this area.

My daughter’s public school is right there street from our house so I feel this is where I can take a picture and strongly able to show my Linguistic Landscape.