hiphop workshop reflection

The hip hop workshop was very interesting. there was a man that goes by the name steve who is in his 30’s and lives in the Bronx NY. He spoke about many things including how he dosn’t like being in closed spaces. He also went through the lyrics of a Nispey Hustle song and explained how he felt about snitches, “I wont but I understand why people do”. The class was also able to watch a video that explained how in 1492 Europe became the most powerful place and they are the people who write their own versions of the black history. Steve ended with saying intent, interpretation, impact, is the 3 I’s we should live our days by.

Next to speak was from origon and also taught in LA. She expressed her feeling on taking themes for what they are and changing them in your own way.she brought up a great question, ” can you really understand something if you cant connect”. She answered this by saying unwillingness is what stops the understanding and the connection.she spoke about the huge range of hip hop and its not just black and white like many feel.

Although i felt like there was a bit of defensiveness I enjoyed this workshop. It opened my eyes to research new things and find my meaning of certain music.

Vaniqua Linguistic Landscape

a) where was the picture taken? b) what language(s) are used? c) what do the signs say? (***Remember to categorize your post as “Linguistic Landscape”***)

A)  This picture was taken outside of my daughters public school at dismissal.

B) I love my daughters school because it is so diverse.  The parents and children are from all over the world, speaking Korean ,Spanish,Greek, greman, Bangla,and English.

C)  There are just street lights, walk signs and school zone sighns and markings In this area.

My daughter’s public school is right there street from our house so I feel this is where I can take a picture and strongly able to show my Linguistic Landscape.


Vaniqua Hudson my language

In my Introduction to Language class we have not only read but also discussed several terms and concepts explaining language vs. dialect vs. accent. Language is the system of communication within humans. Dialect is a distinct form of a language that connects to a specific region or social group. An accent is the way a person speaks, accents show different patterns, pronunciation, intonation, and delivery on the  words they speak. I’m from NYC and i speak English but with my NYC dialect some can notice I have a brooklyn accent. I always knew i had a brooklyn accent but never understood exactly what my accent was made up of. I use the same words as other new yorkers but but the way i say it can be different at times. I think my dialects are the same as most new yorkers with the exception to words thats said mainly in brooklyn but not in queens. Because my dialect and accent is not too different i don’t think it effects me. For the most part i speak like all my NY peers. I know there is a time when i need to speak formal because that is the way society expects people with intelligence to speak and i know when to speak more informal.Bottom line I believe you should speak the way you want to.