Linguistic Background (Maria)

A person able to communicate and understand two languages ​​is a person with super powers. My first language is Spanish and for me learning English was always a challenge. I never felt comfortable speaking in English because I used to think that my accent was constantly ruining everything I wanted to say. What I did not understand before was that language is something beautiful and unique, each person speaks it in a different way and that is exactly what makes us unique and special. At home, we always speak in Spanish to teach my little siblings that speaking Spanish is also important and necessary. However, that made my process of learning English a little harder and longer because the only place I needed it at that time was at school. When I started working, that changed because at work I had to speak in English since I had to interact with different people of different nationalities. That’s when I realized that there was not a single reason why I would be ashamed of my accent. Some people tried to correct the way I say certain words, but that does not affect me anymore because that is what makes me different from the rest.

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