Jackson Heights (Jermaine Williams)

The visit to Jackson Heights was filled with good food, smells and sounds  of a community filled with diversity. We found that people did not want to stop and talk in the rain , it took some finesse to have people talk to us. After asking people “are you in a rush” a couple of times and people answering yes and quickly dismissing us, we started opening  up with “are you from Jackson Heights.?” After approaching people with a better conversation opener our interviews went well. We interviewed  three people from different age groups, and ethnic backgrounds. The only thing I wish was different is the weather it was a cloudy day.

My Linguistic background (Jermaine Williams)

My ethnic background is Jamaican so in my home my parents spoke to us in Patois but me and my sister spoke mainly in English at home and at School. I studied Spanish for three years and I speak it when ever I get a chance to. I also studied French for one year but need to practice. I do not believe I have an accent that is not native to New York City, that being said I’ve been told certain words give away a Patois influenced lingusitic background.