Arlene Torrenegra

As a child, I grew up speaking only Spanish until I got to elementary school. I began to learn English around the age of 4. Now, I speak both English and Spanish, as well as American Sign Language (ASL). I use both English and ASL at school (Spanish sometimes if it’s necessary). At home I use English to communicate with my siblings and Spanish with my parents. At work I use all languages but it’s mostly English. I do think I have an accent because I’ve had many people tell me that I do. I, myself don’t realize it and I actually try to listen to myself talk to see if it’s really true but it just sounds normal to me. Being multilingual is something beneficial that can have a positive impact on people. It has personally been beneficial to me for the simple fact that I’m able to understand others and others are able to understand me when speaking languages other than English. There’s nothing better than being able to help others when they’re not able to understand a certain language.

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  1. I know what you mean. Seeing someone put a face of relief or smile because they can be understood makes you feel good . Its sometimes even an ice breaker.

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