Linguistic Background (Akhda)

I speak two languages, these two languages are Bangla and English. I think Im better at speaking English than Bangla because English is used everywhere I go, while Bengali is what I speak at home, only with my dad. Though I speak two, I can understand 4 in total. I can also understand Urdu and Hindi. I learned these two languages by watching Indian TV shows since I was very young. I think that knowing more than one language is definitely a huge benefit because you can communicate with people from more than one country. Im not sure how often that comes in handy, but when it does, it feels good. My parents are from two different districts in Bangladesh and these two districts are known to speak two different dialects. I was raised only speaking my moms dialect, which is known as formal Bangla. My father is from a place where his dialect is known as less intelligent, because its a village area. I never learned how to speak his dialect but I can recognize it instantly. Being born in New York, I would never be able to tell that I have a New York accent, because it sounds so normal to me, it’s what I hear all around me. It wasn’t until I met my friend from Philadelphia and she pointed out the differences in the way that we both speak and the speeds we speak at. I take pride in my New York accent honestly. I don’t know the exact reason why but I’m glad that out of all the accents, this is the one that I own.