My own language (Linguistic Background)(izaac)

I would like to start off by saying that I’m multiracial which means that I might have a number of accents and dialects in my family. I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese sort of and I understand Italian and besides that I am able to communicate to my family and close friends in jeringoza which is most common used in Spanish but somehow I added to English, when I’m at home I speak Spanish, spanish jeringoza and English, when I’m free I watch Brazilian videos and when I hang out with Brazilian people I speak Portuguese with an accent which I like because it’s like a put a part of me when I speak and at last like I’ve mentioned I’m multiracial and part of it is Italian so I love the music and more things so I would watch those kind of things and understand. In my opinion being able not to speak but communicate with others using another language is really helpful to understand and get to know better somebody by the way they comfortably speak it. I do have an accent but actually its mine accent since I’ve put together all of my capability of speak in each of those languages. It doesn’t really affect me the fact of me having an accent indeed I am proud and I love it mucho.