Pod cast

In the Pod cast Code Switching they speak about “black voice and white voice” in which case black voice seems to be how a person speaks when they are not trying to sound sophisticated while white voice is when you are sounding smart. When I heard about this I felt like it could be misinterpreted for something else, like if a person does not sound smart they can use the black voice and someone who is smart uses white voice. To me, saying something like this seems wrong and to some people they may believe that it is racist insisting that black voice sounds like foul, inappropriate language while white voice is pure, smart appropriate language. It seems wrong to base the way you speak on black and white and it seems unnecessary. Although it is necessary to speak properly when talking to a person who may be your boss,parent, professor etc. What I mean is there are points in time when a person should speak without using foul language like in a job interview, while you are outside however, you can speak the way you want to even in your workplace, if you have adjusted there and people know who you are then you may speak in your own voice. Point being, there is no such thing as black or white voice there is just you your language and the way you speak in different situations.

Linguistic Background (Nicholas)

My name is Nicholas Padilla. I was born here in the USA. my mother move here from Nicaragua and my father was born here but my grandmother is from Colombia and my grandfather was from Puerto Rico. Which makes me Nicaraguan, Colombian and Puerto Rican. I am able to speak Spanish and would like to learn more about sign language. Although I do not have a major I do want focus on graphic design since I like to draw. My career goal is to be an animator or a comic book illustrator.