My trip to Jackson Heights, NY. By: Sofia Reyna

My visit to Jackson Heights was very interesting. It was my first time actually interviewing people. I already been in Jackson Heights and know the diversity and different ethnicities it surrounds. My group members and I were all very excited on this mission. We started asking workers but they seem very afraid of their employers. I mean I totally understand they were working and didn’t want to have any problems. So, we kept going to different places that had linguistic landscapes with more than one language. It caught my eye specially because of what I’ve learned in class about the use of multiple languages. Until, we came to a place named Costamar Travel we interviewed a lady she is Peruvian who worked in Jackson heights for 10 years. It went very well but she preferred speaking Spanish. Something that caught my attention during her interview was that for her the primary language in America Is English. I asked why and she stated “because we are in America”!!. We also interview a English teacher who help her students learn English from Zoni Learning Center. She was working in the neighborhood a couple of months but teach for 26 years. She is from the Philippines. It was very interesting hearing hard-working people speak about how people struggle to learn the English language but at the same time feel comfortable been in a neighborhood that mostly speaks Spanish. Some places only had Spanish menus, workers that only spoke Spanish. But, also had places that had both English and Spanish. I’m so glad I was a part of it.

Linguistic Landscape (Sofia)


These pictures were taken in a medical office. The languages that are used are English, Spanish and Chinese. These signs are there to assist their patients to be alert once coming into the office to sign in the screen below. On the other sign it is to have the patients give out any complaints or feedback they have on there experience in the clinic. It is very helpful to have access to many languages. It will make their patients feel comfortable and feel right at home.