Linguistic Background (Peter)

           Hello my name is Piotr Golda I speak two languages, my first language was polish then later on I learned English. It all started from my parents that lived in Poland most there life, then later on moved to America. This was difficult for them because they had to learn a new language all over again. When I was young I would spend a lot of time with my grandparents and all I knew was how to speak polish at the time. This became a problem because I was starting to go to school in New York not knowing how to communicate in English, with time I learned both and speak them fluently. What I am noticing is that some times when I am speaking at home  I tend to mix the languages i think that is because i can explain a topic better in one language than the other. In the book “Language Myths” it talks about accents and how people misinterpret certain ideas because of it or do not know what the word actually means. 

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