Talking more than a language is fun! (Minhazur)

I have learned many linguistic definition and enjoyed  ELL 101 since it is started. I understood some controversial definitions of language, dialect and accent, and I really enjoyed the arguments about these topics. Mostly at home I speak in a  dialect which is my mother tongue. I never knew that it is a dialect until I attend this class. Bangla is my native language, beside that I can speak English and Arabic. I learned Arabic at high school, and I don’t want to forget this language. So I made some arabic friends for practicing the language. In college and work mostly  I speak English, and it become easier to speak English since I started college. When I speak native Bangla, sometimes I mix it with my native dialect. I am a little public speaker in my native language, but people can easily figure out where I am from by listening my accent. It embarrassed me a lot. Talking more than a language is interesting for me, and I enjoy it.  

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