Linguistic Background (Daysi)

As a kid, the first language I ever learned was Spanish. My parents only spoke Spanish back then so it was the only language I knew of at the time. It was when I started preschool that I was first exposed to English.  As a child, picking up the language was pretty easy. I found myself speaking English to my friends and brother which made up the majority of the time. I listened to music in English, I watched cartoons in English, I read books in English, and before I knew it almost everything I did was in English. Only with my parents and when their friends or extended family came over was I required to speak Spanish. 

Dont get me wrong, I dont think I could ever forget Spanish and no matter what it will always be a part of me, but because I dont speak it so often ive noticed that when I do its become a bit harder to communicate well with it. I often find it hard to express what im trying to say, and feel that even though I can hold a conversation, I cant seem to truly get out what im trying to say.

Recently I got a job that from time to time requires me to speak Spanish to customers. It’s there that I get to practice my Spanish. I’ve also recently made a friend who’s main language is Spanish and mainly speaks to me in Spanish although he also speaks English. I often find myself responding in English but  I’m doing my best to stop that, and trying to challenge myself into communicating in solely Spanish.

  As for dialects, I believe that I speak multiple ones. Some in English, some in Spanish. But honestly I don’t know if I’d categorize it as a dialect but more as my way of speaking and expressing myself through language. 

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  1. The fact of having a friend whose first language is Spanish which is the language you want to work on its really good! not only that but you can be helping that person to learn more english too! Thats Great!

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