Linguistic background (Agustin Valente)

Dominating two languages is an amazing skill especially it's more than two languages. I speak two languages fluently Spanish and English, but i’m currently learning two more languages Korean and Chinese. I got an interest in learning languages since I was young, I would hear different languages and I liked hearing whether it was outside, in TV or at school. The first language I got interested was Korean, just because it was different something that I have not heard before so I decided to learn Korean I started out learning by myself and I went into college taking classes and from there I decided to take Chinese to try it out, and from what I have experienced Korean is more easier than Chinese  One thing that I have noticed so far during these years is that I often forget some Spanish and English word but I clearly remember in a different language. There is a disadvantage when forgetting Spanish, I can’t help my parents when they need an interpreter so I decided to see Spanish TV and I speak a lot of Spanish at home only unless i'm with Spanish speaking friends.In school I speak mainly English but also Korean for my class. When speaking Spanish I do have a different way of speaking I speak formal and informal I would say I have an accent with English the most in the morning especially if I finished talking Spanish to someone, but when it comes to  Korean and Chinese I definitely think I have an accent I hear myself very robotic. That is a basic way of putting my knowledge of my languages. 

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  1. I heard Chinese was difficult to learn. Kudos to you. I also was very eager to learn new languages when I was younger, German,Japanese and French to be more specific. I did take French in high school and totally aced it but since it was only one year I definitely don’t remember much unfortunately.

  2. Wow, speaking four languages is really impressive. I think it’s smart to watch TV in Spanish because exposing ourselves to hearing a language helps us better retain that language.

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